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Founder and President, Greg Freeman has been an artist all his life, winning top awards for his drawings and paintings for many years. When the digital age emerged, he saw an awesome opportunity to utilize a brand new media. Does anyone remember the DOS operating systems on computers that had a whopping 10 megs of data storage on board. Whoo-hoo! he was there and later upgraded to a gray-scale Sager laptop with a 9600 baud dial-up modem. It was a brick to be sure.

Greg remembers, “I was thrilled to download graphics (It took about and hour to download a basic photograph.) I kept on the cutting edge of the gadget world for many years and wham! My artist and creative inner guy mind-melded with the technical/digital inner guy and, hopefully for the betterment of the world, a new guy was born!”

This new super-dude went back to college for a degree in Business and Professional Leadership and as they say, “The rest is history.”

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We understand that not all businesses are made equal. Each company's needs and business processes are different and thats why we customize our services to meet your requirements and budget.
Below are a few reasons why you should choose us to handle your web service needs:
Affordable web services. We price match and beat all other reasonable competitor rates.
We uphold and protect customer privacy.
Outstanding customer service - 24/7 telephone, email and online support. Always available when you need it!
Reliable services that you can count on
We deliver quality creative services. 
Full service - no more shopping around for quotes. Compel Web Design & Graphics  offers everything you need in-house. Web development, search engine marketing, website maintenance, web hosting, custom design work and much more.
Competitive pricing that will meet your budget.
Every great work of art always begins with a compelling image. Compel Web Design and Graphics believes that a great web site or graphic piece is art and should be a great work of art. Our web designs, like that of the Old Masters, is designed to compel viewers to buy into your unique vision.

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