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Greg Freeman Fine-Art Painter

Greg has loved and studied art,  especially painting, his whole life. An artist for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Tom Hill, who was an artist for the syndicated yet serious comic strip “Mark Trail” lived across the street from Greg when he was a child and would regularly come over and give Greg painting tips and micro teachings. This and recreational drawing and painting with his friend next door, helped to fuel an already burning passion for art, especially drawing and painting.

After moving to Florida from Atlanta, GA, Greg graduated from Winter Park High School and later attended Seminole State College where he studied art under his mentor Grady Kimsey. He later studied art at the University of Central Florida and finally Southeastern University where he graduated with his BS in Business and Professional Leadership. Not only did he exhibit statewide but began his own graphic arts, digital marketing and web design company, now called Compel Marketing Services.

Greg describes himself as an American Realist, capturing moments in real life and sequestering life’s innate beauty. “For me it’s all about light on form and a scene with compositional elements that hopefully offer an emotional connection for the viewer and nourishment for the soul,” says Greg.

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